2020 Election FAQ

Where Do I Vote?

Go to www.montrosecounty.net/elections to find out information such as where to vote, important dates, sample ballots, and more. 

Will I Be Able to Track My Mail Ballot in the 2020 General Election?

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced September 14th that voters in all 64 counties will receive notifications by phone, email, or text about the status of their mail ballots, from the time their County Clerk and Recorder mails the outgoing ballot packet, to when their voted ballot is received and accepted for counting.

Check your mail ballot at https://colorado.ballottrax.net or govotecolorado.gov.

Why Did I Receive an Email From Ballottrax.net About My Registration?

Beginning 9/17/20, registered voters will receive a notification that they have been automatically enrolled in the Ballottrax service if their registration record contains an email address. Those who don’t receive an auto-enrollment notification can sign up themselves at https://colorado.ballottrax.net. Voters can opt out of BallotTrax by clicking the "unsubscribe" link provided in the BallotTrax email or by logging into their record on the BallotTrax website and turning off any "Opt-in" selections. Contact the Montrose County Elections department at 970-249-3362 ext 3 for assistance.  

When Will I Get My Ballot in the Mail? 

Ballots will be mailed automatically to every active registered voter the week of October 12th, 2020 - active registered voters do not need to make a request to our office. If you choose to return your voted ballot by mail, you should add the appropriate postage on the envelope and deposit your voted ballot in the mail by October 26th, no later than 8 days before the election. If your voter record is marked as "inactive" you are eligible to vote, however, you will not be automatically mailed a ballot. Go to www.govotecolorado.gov to update your information or contact the Montrose County Elections Office at 970-249-3362 ext. 3 for further information.

Official Ballot Envelope 

How Can I Verify My Voter Registration?

Colorado Citizens are encouraged to register to vote or verify their voter registration information is accurate by going to www.GoVoteColorado.Gov   We recommend everyone return their voted ballot to one of our secure 24/7 video surveillance ballot drop boxes. Visit montrosecounty.net/elections for locations, dates, and further information.

What is the Blue Book and Where Can I Get One?

The purpose of the ballot information booklet is to provide voters with the text, title, and a fair and impartial analysis of each initiated or referred constitutional amendment, law, or question on the ballot. The analysis must include a summary of the measure, the major arguments both for and against the measure, and a brief fiscal assessment of the measure. The analysis may also include any other information that will help voters understand the purpose and effect of a measure.
You can access the electronic version of the State's Blue Book by clicking here.  The State of Colorado will mail one Blue Book to the registered electors in each household the week of October 2nd, 2020. 

What is the Logic and Accuracy Test?

 The Logic and Accuracy Test (LAT) performed last Friday is a test of the voting equipment to ensure the paper & machine ballots tabulate the results correctly. Thanks to The Montrose Mirror for detailing the process!
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What sort of activities are prohibited electioneering?

Prohibited conduct, materials, and information include, but are not limited to:

  • A person (voter, watcher, election judge, or anyone else) may NOT advocate for the election or defeat of a candidate or a ballot measure either inside a polling place or within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place or a drop box. This includes any audible broadcasting of information about candidates or measures on the ballot.
  • A visible display bearing the name or likeness of a candidate who is on the ballot.
  • A visible display bearing the number, title, subject, or logo of a ballot issue or question that is on the ballot - for example, “Vote No on 111.”
  • Buttons, hats, pencils, pens, shirts, signs, or stickers visibly bearing the name or image of a candidate, issue, or question that is on the ballot.

What political speech is allowed inside and within 100-feet of a polling place or drop box?

  • Displays of political and social movement slogans or images—including but not limited to: Make America Great Again or MAGA or Black Lives Matter or BLM, so long as no candidate name or likeness is present or visible with the slogan.
  • Displays of the American flag, confederate flag, etc., provided that the flag does not also bear the name or image of a candidate, issue, or question that is on the ballot.
  • Campaign workers are allowed outside of polling places to offer water, snacks, and other non-monetary items of minimal value to voters who are waiting to vote.
    • But if these workers, who are sometimes referred to as "comfort teams", operate within 100 feet of a polling place, they may NOT campaign for or against any candidate, issue, or question that is on the ballot, or wear apparel or accessories bearing the name or image of a candidate, issue, or question that is on the ballot.
    • Comfort items may not be provided in exchange for a commitment to vote a certain way.

Ballot/Mail Theft

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service, as the federal law enforcement and security arm of the Postal Service, is responsible for defending the nation’s mail system from illegal or dangerous use. Local law enforcement and the United States Postal Inspection Service work together to address vandalism and theft. Any vandalism and theft should be reported to local Police Departments and the Inspection Service.

A report can be made to the Inspection Service at https://www.uspis.gov/report/  Or you can call 1-877-876-2455 to make a phone report. (An online report is preferred). 

To sign up for Informed delivery go to this link.  https://informeddelivery.usps.com