2022 General Election Sample Ballots

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Olathe Fire - Spanish

Unofficial Election Results

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8 Day Ballot Cure

Colorado is one of 24 states that has a state election law which requires an 8 day ballot cure period to determine the final official results of each election. Local election officials are required to notify a voter if there is a missing signature or if their signature is rejected because it does not match the signature in the voter's file.  During the 8 days, this gives the voter an opportunity to correct the issue so that their vote can be counted. Voters have until 11:59pm on November 16th to fix their ballot. Colorado Law also requires that Montrose County Elections continues to receive mail from Uniformed and Overseas Citizens during the cure period. 

❓How does a voter know if their ballot was counted?

Visit https://colorado.ballottrax.net/voter/

❓How does a voter fix an issue with their ballot?

▶️Use the the TXT2Cure system, where you can text the word Colorado to the number 28683 to start the process. 
▶️Call the Montrose County Elections Office at (970) 249-3362 ext. 3 for assistance.

Once the cure has been completed, the election can be certified and official results will be posted.

Important Dates - 2022 General 08292022

New and Current Registration Information

Military and Overseas Voters

For information regarding voting out of state as Uniformed Military or Overseas Citizens, please visit this site.

Report a Possible Election Violation

Please click here to report a possible election violation.