Running for Office

If you’ve decided to run for office, or are thinking of running for office, be sure to make use of the resources for candidates that are listed below.

Montrose County Candidate Information


Review the candidate requirements of county elected officials in the Colorado Constitution and Revised Statutes to ensure you meet the qualifications  The requirements, responsibilities and duties can be found online at

You will be required to swear and affirm by oath that you meet the qualifications for county elected office in a Candidate Affidavit.


Review your registration and verify your party affiliation and registration dates at to ensure you qualify to run for the office you are interested in.


You become a candidate when you publicly announce your intent to run for office. If you receive a contribution or make an expenditure in support of your candidacy, you must register a candidate committee with the Secretary of State at


Familiarize yourself with Colorado Campaign Finance rules and laws as well as the Secretary of State TRACER system for all campaign finance disclosure reports and committee registration using the following resources:

  •   Colorado Campaign and Political Finance Manual published by the Colorado Secretary of State and available online at
  •   Colorado Constitution Article XXVIII (Campaign and Political Finance) and Article XIV (Counties)
  •   Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) Title 1, Article 45 (Fair Campaign Practices Act) and Article 4 (Elections – Access to Ballot by Candidates)
  •   Current year Election Calendar and campaign filing calendars at

Be prepared to register a candidate committee and submit your campaign finance disclosure reports within the time frames allotted by Colorado law. Failure to file on time can result in monetary penalties.


Get your name on the ballot in one of three ways:

  1. Certificate of Designation by Party Assembly
  2. Certificate of Designation by Petition
  3. Certificate of Designation by Write-In – County Office


If you are running for Coroner or Sheriff, you must have your fingerprints taken by a qualified law enforcement agency and submit a receipt evidencing the fingerprinting at the time of filing your written acceptance or candidate affidavit. If you are NOT running for Coroner or Sheriff, disregard this step.


Complete a Candidate Affidavit Form within 10 days of becoming a candidate, and file electronically with the Secretary of State Office via TRACER at

Colorado Secretary of State

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office also has a number of resources available to those who are seeking office or are thinking about seeking office.

Candidate Forms: 

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