Montrose Regional Library District

Montrose Regional Library District Board of Trustees

Established pursuant to the Colorado Library Law, Title 24, Article 90 C.R.S. and Resolution #25-67 dated October 12, 1967
Name Appointed Term Expiration
Lee Ann Riddoch
Dr. DoriAnn Adragna (Baer)
Robert S Munday, Ph.D.
Michael Murphy
Stephanie Williams (Nickell)
08/18/2021 12/31/2025
Ana Theresa (Maymi)
03/04/2020 12/31/2024
Rachel Zatterstrom
12/06/2023 12/31/2028
The Montrose Library District is organized to serve the community as a general center of reliable information and provide opportunity and encouragement for all individuals of the community to educate and entertain themselves. To this end, it is the responsibility of the Montrose Library District to provide service to the community; to assemble, preserve, and administer, in organized collections, books, and other materials, and to promote their use for the development of enlightened citizenship and enrichment of person lives.

The Montrose Library District serves as a free, tax supported institution available to all people of the community. It is a source of print and non print material for personal enrichment, education, and entertainment. The library provides information services and programs for children and adults, supplemental material to be used by elementary and secondary school students, and is a source of access to other library systems. It serves as a center for reading, listening, viewing, and using the informational material and collections and will be accessible to the handicapped and home bound.

The Montrose Regional Library District Board of Trustees consists of seven trustees appointed in accordance with Colorado statutes (amended June 13, 2002) to manage and control the Library District. Members are appointed for staggered five year terms;

Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held on first Monday of the month at 3pm and are held at the Montrose Library meeting room at this time. The location and time of each regular meeting shall be determined by the Board of Trustees at the preceding regular meeting and posted accordingly.