Permits, Fees, Programs

General Permit and Program Documents

Magnesium Chloride Program

Magnesium chloride is applied to gravel roads to minimizes dust, retain gravel, and provide a safer roadway by minimizing loose gravel and washboarding.

Montrose County policy is to apply magnesium chloride on gravel roads with an average daily traffic of more than 150 vehicles and on hilly and curvy gravel roads.

County crews will apply magnesium chloride on gravel roads with an average daily traffic count of less than 150 vehicles as part of a private pay program. On these lower traffic volume roads, the adjacent property owner(s) pay the County for the cost of the magnesium chloride material prior to County crews applying the material. Each year the County obtains bids for the purchase and delivery of magnesium chloride. Depending upon the application rate, the cost of the magnesium chloride may range from approximately $0.60 to $0.80 per lineal foot of road.

Since the work is performed as schedule allows, we encourage property owners to place their private pay requests prior to May 1st of each year. Private pay requests can be made by calling the County Public Works office at 970-252-7000.

Right-of-Way Permits

A right-of-way permit is required for all work performed within Montrose County right-of-way. Copies of the permit, fees, and complete procedures are included here for your convenience in PDF format. Certificates of Insurance and permit fee are required to be submitted with each permit. Right-of-way permits shall be submitted to the Public Works office at 63160 LaSalle Road.