BallotTrax Notification System

What is BallotTrax? Why did Colorado start this notification system?

Colorado continues to innovate to ensure our elections are the best in the nation. This service enables voters to receive notifications by phone, email, or text about the status of their mail ballots, from the time their County Clerk & Recorder mails the outgoing ballot packet, to when their mailed ballot is received and counted.

Why did I get an email about BallotTrax from you?

We want to provide all Colorado voters access to mail ballot tracking. The CO Secretary of State Office enrolled all voters whose voter registration record contained a valid email address.

What if I don’t want to get these messages? What do I do?

You can opt-out at any time. Simply login to the voter portal at and unselect the notification methods you’re automatically opted in for and click “Update.”

Do I need to do anything to get messages about the status of my mail ballot?

No. Once ballots are mailed out by your county election division you will begin receiving your ballot status messages.

How do I sign up for BallotTrax?

Go to Simply enter your first name, last name, date of birth, and residential zip code to access the voter portal or to sign-up.

If two people in a household share an email address, can we both sign up using the same email?

Yes. You will get two emails for ballot status messages in that case. The emails will contain your first and last name so you will be able to tell which voter the ballot status message is for.

Can I get SMS/text or voice messages instead?

Yes. You can change your notification methods, turn off notifications, modify contact hours, or check the status of your mail ballot at any time.

I signed up for BallotTrax text notifications and received a confirmation text. Do I have to respond yes?

Yes. BallotTrax wants to make sure they have your correct text information and confirm you want to receive text messages. If you do, simply respond yes!

If I’ve gotten ballot tracking messages in the past do I need to sign up again?

No. Voters previously signed up for BallotTrax or Denver’s BallotTRACE, will not need to re- enroll and will be able to continue to have their ballots tracked without interruption.

If I don’t sign up or opt-out, will I still get my mail ballot?

Yes. This is only a ballot tracking system and does not change your voter registration or affect the receipt of your mail ballot in any way.

Is there a fee or cost to get these notifications about my mail ballot?

No. It’s free to all Colorado voters.

I’m unable to login. What am I doing wrong?

The most common mistake is using an alias to login with. Voters must login with their name,  date of birth and residential zip code exactly how it appears on their voter registration. For example, if a voter’s first name is James and the voter attempts to login as Jim, they will be denied access. Another issue is having canceled, incomplete or inactive voter registration. Make sure your registration is active and up to date! To check your voter registration, go to or contact your county election division.

Do I have to provide secure, personal information to sign up?

No. The only information BallotTrax needs is your first name, last name, date of birth, and residential zip code. This is the voter registration information that is made available via public record under open records laws. Voter ID is only required when the above information exists for more than one person. You are not required to provide a SSN, license number, etc.

Will my ballot remain confidential?

Voters’ ballot & vote remain confidential! BallotTrax provides updates to voters on the status of their mail ballot by tracking their envelope (not their ballot).

Is my voter information private?

Yes. The information you provide is used only for the purpose of sending messages regarding ballot status. BallotTrax will not sell or share that information with any other person or company. Voters may opt-out at any time.

Is BallotTrax secure? How can I know for sure?

The State of Colorado has rigorous security requirements. BallotTrax has met the Secretary of State requirements.

Will my email be shared, sold, or used by anyone other than the elections division?

No. The information will not be used for any other purpose except to send messages regarding your mail ballot status.

Please put me on a no contact list.

You can opt-out at any time. Simply login to the voter portal at and unselect the notification methods they’re automatically opted in for and click “Update.” You may also contact your county election office by phone to get assistance.

I’m a confidential voter. Can I use the system?

No. As a confidential voter you are not included in any public voter lists, so you are not able to enroll in BallotTrax.

I haven’t gotten any more messages about my ballot yet.

Messages about the status of your ballot will begin once ballots are mailed out by your county. You will get notifications as your ballot goes through the different stages.

Does BallotTrax update my voter registration?

No. BallotTrax will not update your voter registration. To update your voter registration please go to or contact your county election division. Your updated information will be pushed to BallotTrax once complete, so everything will be in sync.

Does this work for disabled or blind voters?

Yes. We can update your BallotTrax preferences to include voice messages with your ballot status.