Interactive Maps

Click on a link below to view the map.

Recommended browsers: Windows Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox. The Silverlight viewers are no longer supported in Google Chrome.

Please call the GIS Department at (970) 252-4502 for assistance with any of the map viewers listed above.
Office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

The Silverlight plug-in must be installed to view the maps from a desktop computer or Windows device.
Click here to download Silverlight

Instructions for using the Silverlight Parcel Map:
  • Click on the Silverlight link above to check your computer for the plug-in.
  • Click on the blue "Parcel Map" button to open the viewer.
  • Click each of the map icons located across the top of the page to find out what they do. Be sure to try the Help Tips Help Icon icon to learn navigation and selection methods.
  • Click the search icon Search Icon and start typing an address, parcel number, owner name, subdivision, road name or town name. Once a match is found select it from the list and the map will zoom to the selection.
  • If you zoomed to a parcel, used the id Id Icon icon, or created a group of selected parcels Select Icon, a results window will open allowing you to create a buffer, download a csv file of the selected features, or email a link shows the view of the selected features.
  • When an individual parcel is selected, the results window will also include an “Assessor Property Information” link which will open the parcel’s Assessor information in EagleWeb.
  • After using the id icon Id Icon, click on the drop down arrow above the results window to view overlapping boundaries and tax areas for the parcel.
  • Creating a buffer Buffer Icon will result in the selection of all parcels within the chosen distance from the original selection.
  • Create bookmarksBookmark Icon to save map views. Simply type a name for the bookmark and click the plus button. To clear the bookmark, click on the bookmark name and then click the Clear button.

Instructional Videos for Map Viewers using the Silverlight plug-in.