Weed Mitigation

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Noxious Weeds
  • Damage the agricultural and ecological health of private and public lands
  • Destroy wildlife habitat
  • Eliminate native plant communities
  • Consume valuable resources like water and soil nutrients
  • Increase soil salinity and toxicity levels
  • Spread without competition if left unchecked

The Weed Mitigation Department
  • Prevents the spread of noxious species in migration routes
  • Maintains ecological health of the Montrose County landscape
  • Helps preserve and improve agricultural productivity in Montrose County
  • Utilizes grant funding to aid landowners in the eradication of priority weed species
  • Helps maintain the integrity and safety of roadways and airports
  • Seeks outside sources of revenue to ensure goals are met at the lowest possible cost
  • Coordinates efforts with landowners, land management agencies and neighboring counties
  • Reduces operation costs for landowners, private entities and other divisions of county, state and federal government
  • Provides information and resources for landowners affected by noxious species